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À bout de film

Production Company

Commercial - Shorts - Feature Films Documentaries - Music Videos 

À bout de film is a film production house. We started in March 2014 by Marie Nurra and Barbara Simone Roberti. Both young minds with different strengths within cinematography and audiovisual fields.

À bout de Film seeks to communicate reality through film. For À bout de Film, to make movies means to be aware of the world around us, to be curious about the unknown while maintaining a critical mind and inventive spirit.

We aim to maintain originality and to allow freedom of expression to be the pervasive force that brings life to our films: it is the budget that must fit the content, not the other way around.

The goal, therefore, is to develop artistically innovative audiovisual works through discovering and nurturing unconventional, alternative methods of realizing projects without foregoing the ability to integrate and offer new uses of media and new digital platforms.

The name À bout de Film is a modest homage to Jean Luc Godard's " À Bout de Souffle", considered to be the manifesto of the Nouvelle Vague.

In Italian it translates to " Fino all' ultimo respiro".

À bout de Film, on the other hand, translates to " Until the Last Film".

For us when 24 frames per second exist, they really are a universe a part. Commercials, movies, documentaries, made with art and heart, are our goals.


What we do

Producing films. We search for funds to produce and to brilliant ideas.

Making it happens.  

We are producers and/or  executive producers. A’ bout de film take care of the whole production process, from the pre-production, to the end of the post-production.

Help foreign production for Italian Shooting. A’ bout de film provides support for international companies that want to shoot in Italy. We can be a reference for permission in Italy, offering team specialists (director, dop, workers) and endorse the logistic and the legal part of  international projects.

Yes, production. But also Post- production. During the last year we have created a post production department specialized in VFX. It means planning the creativity process with more opportunities to develop, without limits or frontiers, a possibility to make real and un-expensive visionary ideas.



Commercials – Movies – documentaries – music videos

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